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Learn about Franklin Park Pharmacy and our commitment to providing expert pharmacy services. Discover why we are your trusted pharmacy partner.

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Franklin Park Pharmacy’s philosophy involves a more personalized experience than what chain pharmacies have to offer. We strive to build strong relationships with our patients fostered by trust and compassion. Implementing these values leads to improved patient health outcomes. Let us show you how we care with our second to none customer service, round-the-clock pharmacist accessibility and competitive pricing.

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About us

Hussein Haidar, PharmD


LECOM School of Pharmacy

"My goal is providing a superior experience possible for patients and caregivers in the community. I have been trained to work with a multidisciplinary approach and I collaborate with doctors and Caregivers to offer a comprehensive clinical pharmacy experience."

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Tiffany Boos

Certified Pharmacy Technician & Pharmacy Operations Manager

Tiffany is a graduate of The University of Toledo with experience in several fields of medicine including emergency medicine. Tiffany's passion for clinical patient care and organization skills help up drive our mission of creating a healthy and safe community.


Joshua Churchhill

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Josh loves his family and career. When he is not fulfilling his life's goal of being a father and family man, he loves putting a smile on our patients' faces. Joshua's patient interaction and customer understanding helps us reach our goal of taking care of our community.

About Us

Our Staff

Our wonderful staff has over 10 years of combined experience. Whether you speak to a pharmacist, technician, or assistant, we pride ourselves on providing you with the most accurate and helpful information regarding you prescription medications and wellness as a whole.